From Nancy Sajben, MD, October 31:

Ending federal prohibition is something a President Sanders could achieve:

The article in The Guardian reminds us that rescheduling or descheduling marijuana is something the President of the United States can do with an instruction to the Attorney General.  Congressional action is not required! If Sen. Senator Sanders emphasized this, his popularity would rise so fast that Hillary would have to promise us Sked II and more research. 

At our local farmers market (and aren’t we lucky to have wholesome fresh food brought right into the ‘hood), the Alamedans for Bernie had a table with a cut-out of the candidate, who happens to be my homeboy.

FB must mean “From Brooklyn,” which we both are. Same age, too. It’s reassuring to see a 74-year old with vigor and all his marbles, still on the road, headin for another talk… 

Once upon a time All Hallow’s Eve had to do with the next day being All Saints Day when the church would honor  (hallow) its Hall of Famers. Then it became an occasion on which gay youngsters (and oldsters) could dress in drag.  Now it’s an industry and a week-long event. If you spend time and money on a costume you want to get max use out of it….

Everybody loves Pope Francis, but making Junipero Serra a saint?  That’s like Bernie Sanders saying “we” played a glorious role in Kosovo.  Something doesn’t jibe…

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