From Clinical Pharmacist Gary Gray, July 6, 2016

“I read with disgust un-informed Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB) Texas leadership, shoddy biased un-necessary 10-rule marijuana (MJ) recommendations (JAMA 6.16.16), especially in light of alarming death from respiratory depression and cardiac failure from opiate and opioid abuse affecting US society today.

Texas has legally approved Type 2 cannabinoid use (1 of 16 states in 2016) but does not appear on list 23 of 50 US states specific legal approved uses for Type 1 cannabinoids.  Folks – if your state is on the Type 2 approved list below, unable to differentiate, want to inform yourself, I invite any clinician (nurse, pharmacist or physician) take availability of $399 – 12 CME (AMA PRA Category) course on-line  released nationally last year by the Society of Cannabis Clinicians.

Clinically cannabinoid death from respiratory and cardiac failure from Type 2 is non-existent. Death from Type 1 nearly non-existent.  Unfortunately, we all too well know respiratory and cardiac failure death from opiates and opioid to be true. I do not believe FSMB needs to remind us ethically that sexual misconduct with a patient or practicing under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a no; nor legally remind us that negligence and incompetence involving death or serious bodily injury everyone is held legally responsible which has always been a given.”

Gary Gray Clinical Pharmacist
Society of Cannabis Clinician Member
16 States legalized Type 2 cannabinoid use: Alabama, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina,