Donald Abrams, MD, sent this announcement of a conference called “Updates & History in Cannabis Research,” which will be held at UCSF Saturday, March 11. “Colorado cannabis investigators were interested in meeting California clinical researchers to see if there were possible research synergies,” Abrams explained by way of background. “We decided to come together to share experiences in a conference format and to offer CME credit.” Jodi Duke of CORE (Cannabis Outreach & Education Network) is the prime mover. Jeffrey Hergenrather, MD, was asked by Abrams to give a half hour presentation on the history of the Society of Cannabis Clinicians.

I just happen to have a song on this subject —a topical ballad ahead of its time.

The doctors who believed their patients have been the real organizers of the medical marijuana movement. It is the doctors who provided a million California cannabis users, one by one, with support in the form of legitimacy. —Fred Gardner