Dear Dr. Carmody,
Your 9 simple charts and exam questions were a blast of fresh air. And funny!
My hypothesis from far, far away: the FSMB, the ACCME, and the NBME all serve as hidden valves that channel medical education —and thus the practice of medicine— in directions beneficial to Big Pharma.

O’Shaughnessy’s front-page story about the FSMB jumps to include a long excerpt from an expose by journalist John Fauber naming the drug companies that gave FSMB millions to publicize their “model guidelines” re opioids. I suspect FSMB will get a big payoff for the “model guidelines” that constrain cannabis approvals. None of the marijuana reform groups in DC ever provide useful info or analysis to the clinicians.

The ACCME has recently discredited CME modules produced by the Society of Cannabis Clinicians (the SCC’s main source of income).
The NBME’s omitting a question about the endocannabioid system on the boards “justifies” a cannabis-free curriculum, as noted here:
Our Fauber sidebar (page 16) quotes Paul Thacker, a former aide to Grassley. He might have some thoughts about the practical impact of the corruption you’re exposing.


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No – but I appreciate any assistance you can provide in shining light on them.  I’m trying to get people to think critically about these issues instead of accepting them unquestioningly.
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Such a brazen liar (Chaudhry)!  Have you written about the impact of the NBME’s profiteering (you put it much more diplomatically) on the content of the tests?
Fred G.

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You did – I just hadn’t looked at it closely till this morning.  I hadn’t heard that Chaudhry story before… thank you for sharing!