From Gary G.

You may have seen this article in Discovery about drugs targeting CB1 and CB2. Here’s the link:

Hadn’t seen it, thanks for sending. O’Shaughnessy’s broke the Rimonabant story in ’04. Actually, we broke it in advance of its unfolding, which is a neat trick. If Sanofi-Aventis, the manufacturer, had heeded our warning, they would have saved three-quarters-of-a-billion Euros… ┬áMartin Lee’s piece about research focusing on the CB2 receptor was a scoop, too, in 2009. Discovery is way behind on the story.

Note that the reporter and the Discovery editors who reviewed the piece are still defining THC as “the active compound in marijuana.”

Scientists like Xi have to work the addiction angle into their investigations in order to get funding from NIDA. What a waste of energy and intelligence. What a corruption of science itself.