Cannabis in North Korea: an Update

Darmon Richter, the author of “Smoking the ‘Special Plant’ in North Korea” in O’Shaughnessy’s current issue, has been based in Bulgaria. We sent him the print edition with the piece about Zach Klein’s documentary The Scientist, (which touches on Raphael Mechoulam’s childhood in Bulgaria as the Nazis advanced). Richter emailed: 

I’ve shown it to a few Bulgarian friends, and it’s been really interesting for them. The whole thing with Bulgarian Jews is well-known history here… but what those people went on to do is not always covered so well.

Richter has re-thought his approach to the North Korea, story and is running a more detailed version on his remarkable Bohemian Blog, with ample graphics. (He is a first-rate photographer, too.) That piece ends with reference to an extremely informative article about Cannabis on the Korean peninsula by Seshata on the SensiSeeds website.

We are using Richter’s fuller version in O’Shaughnessy’s online, but recommend reading it on the Bohemian Blog for the pix. Everything on his site is fascinating! —FG