From O’S News Service Oct. 27

The Medical Board of California is meeting this Thursday and Friday, and they do a good job of putting the show online and allowing participation from remote viewers. 

Current membership is 15  —eight physicians and five “public members” appointed by the Governor; one public member appointed by the Speaker of the Assembly; and one public member appointed by the Senate Rules Committee.

The Michael Bishop, MD, on the board is not the former chancellor of UCSF.

At the January meeting Howard Krauss, MD, came out against cannabis approvals being issued by telemedicine, even renewals. 

Two vacant seats, designated for representatives of the public, have yet to be filled by Jerry Brown.  I wonder how much a seat costs nowadays?  —FG


Name Classification Appointing Authority Appointment Date Term Expiration
David Serrano Sewell, J.D. Public Governor 09-11-12 06-01-16
Dev GnanaDev, M.D. Physician Governor 06-04-15 06-01-19
Denise Pines Public Governor 09-11-12 06-01-16
Michelle Anne Bholat M.D. Physician Governor 03-02-15 06-01-18
Michael Bishop, M.D. Physician Governor 12-21-11 06-01-17
Randy W. Hawkins, M.D. Physician Governor 03-02-15 06-01-16
Howard R. Krauss, M.D. Physician Governor 08-20-13 06-01-17
Sharon Levine, M.D. Physician Governor 06-04-15 06-01-19
Ronald H. Lewis, M.D. Physician Governor 08-20-13 06-01-17
Gerrie Schipske, R.N.P., J.D. Public Senate Rules Committee 06-01-07 06-01-15
Jamie Wright, Esquire Public Governor 08-20-13 06-01-18
Barbara Yaroslavsky Public Speaker of the Assembly 09-24-03 06-01-15
Felix C. Yip, M.D. Physician Governor 02-01-13 06-01-18
Vacant Public Governor    
Vacant Public Governor