April 17, 2014   I was going to use “‘Money changes everything. —Cyndi Lauper’” as the quote above the banner on the next O’Shaughnessy’s. Then I figured we should credit the songwriter, and discovered Tom Gray.

Add reasons to live: “Barnett to stay on as analyst,” read the hed in the Oakland Tribune sports section. It turns out the buttwipes who own the team were going to fire him by kicking him upstairs! This is from the Trib story by Carl Steward: “The Warriors and Barnett reched a mutual agreement before the season that he would retire from broadcasting and serve as a club ambassador. But clearly, that was not a plan devised by Barnett, who ideally would have preferred to stay on the air. A groundswell of support from Warriors fan clearly impacted the club having a change of heart.”

For bringing such glad tidings we’ll forgive Steward his use of the pseudo verb “impacted.”