From O’Shaughnessy’s Clipping Service, December 18 2014: Stories you might have missed…

• The brain is “the most beautiful thing on earth, hands down,” according to neurosurgeon Kathryn Ko, who is also a painter. An article about her in the New York Times ends with this lovely quote: “Why not use as much of your brain as you can while you’re on earth?”

•  Our seemingly bipolar Congress is analyzed in a New York Times editorial.  Andrew Rosenthal’s ed board decries the “plantation mentality” that would disallow implementation of the marijuana legalization measure approved by Washington, D.C. voters in November —right on, right on. But they overstate the likely impact of the rider inserted into the federal spending bill that supposedly limits DEA intrusion in states that have enacted medical marijuana laws.

• “Marijuana Nonna” —wonderful Valerie Corral’s wonderful mother is featured in this video by David Bienenstock. 

The end of the world, cont. China is about to cut a canal through Nicaragua —five times wider than the Panama Canal— that will swallow Lake Nicaragua. Sandinista honcho Daniel Ortega is going for it. “Money changes everything…”  

The new surgeon general: Visek H. Murthy, MD, is profiled in The New York Times. The headline says he is “Unafraid of Taking a Stand…”  But we shall see.