By O’S News Service  September 24

 A Santa Rosa company called Care By Design is providing $200 worth of CBD-rich cannabis free to qualified fire victims. Their sister company, Absolute Extracts, is doing the same with THC products. And an allied garden supply company, Left Coast Wholesale,  is providing $300 worth of free gear to cultivators who were wiped out but intend to resume. 

This is not a publicity stunt. I was at their HQ yesterday fact-checking a story for the new O’Shaughnessy’s (Care by Design is the largest supplier of CBD in California) and heard staffers discussing the logistics of the giveaway. 

Participating dispensaries as of yesterday were : Lakeside Herbal Solutions (Clearlake), California Member Services (delivery service), Peace in Medicine (Santa Rosa, Sebastopol), and SPARC (San Francisco). Fire victims should contact them for details. The only requirement is proof of residence at a burned-out site. 

The parent company of the three that are donating their products, has set aside $20,000 for “Project Releaf.” Aren’t they concerned that people who did not suffer a loss will try to take advantage of their generosity? A spokesperson was not so cynical:  “We take people at their word about getting medical benefit from cannabis,” she said, “and we’ll take them at their word that the fire did them in.”