My name is Leslie Wilde and I am on the city council in Dunsmuir, California (north of Redding, and just south of Weed).

I recently helped guide through our city council the repeal of a very restrictive medical marijuana cultivation ordinance passed a few years ago in 2011. The ordinance banned all outdoor cultivation and allowed indoor cultivation only in an accessory building. Fines for a violation reached $675.  

It wasn’t easy but we got the cultivation ordinance REPEALED on a contentious 3-2 vote! 

 I also own and operate Dunsmuir’s one and only medical marijuana dispensary. This, coupled with the fact I helped usher in the cultivation ordinance repeal, has helped coalesce the anti-marijuana crowd. Although they are shrinking in size over the years they are a noisy bunch and, unfortunately, very organized.  

They have successfully launched a recall campaign and my council seat is up for a recall vote this coming June 3rd. I am afraid if the recall is successful it could help inhibit the future political successes of council and board members like me who seek to undo restrictive bans and impose other prohibitions. 

I have set up a website and am humbly asking you for donations to help fight this recall. I hope to buy campaign signs, fliers and ad space in the local newspaper. Even a dollar helps.

Thank you!! 

Leslie Wilde, council member, City of Dunsmuir