The National Academy of Sciences has now posted online videos from the Stakeholders Engagement Meeting on the Report ‘The Health Effects of Cannabis and Cannabinoids.” (Thanks to Christine Milentis for sending.)

When the authors of the report held a forum in Washington, DC, to announce the publication of their findings earlier this year, your correspondent taped their comments for possible inclusion in a Note to the SCC. Before the event began, the computer screen was inviting the public to submit questions, so I typed in one about the weight the investigators had given to case reports, conference abstracts, and N-of-1 trials.


As the broadcast began, to my surprise, my question was  read aloud by the moderator

I didn’t turn on my recorder until Marie McCormick was into her answer, which I’m linking to now for the record because…

My question and McCormick’s response are not on the proceedings as released by the NAS. Whoever edited the audio must have thought the subject raised by the question too trivial to include in the audio presentation1

Evidently, the value of clinical evidence is zilch.

From the cutting room floor (where I’ve been before),

Fred Gardner

NASEM Dissed  Clinical Evidence 

NAS Ignored Case Reports, Conference Abstracts