Trump’s Truths

By Fred Gardner  February 22, 2016    Donald Trump has gone as far or further than Bernie Sanders in debunking major political myths. (Rosie’s TV above the fridge is all-day Amy Goodman, RT, and MSNBC —except for Perry Mason and Rockford). In brief forays into the kitchen I’ve caught five heavy truths from Trump:

  • “The official unemployment rate is a lie. It’s more like 22, 25 percent. Somebody told me it was 41 percent…”
  • “George Bush did not keep us safe. He ignored warnings and the World Trade Center was demolished on his watch. I was there, I lost friends. To say ‘he kept us safe’ is like you give up 19 runs in the first inning and say ‘after that he pitched a pretty good game.'”
  • Socialized medicine works well in Scotland and Europe.
  • “Deposing Saddam Hussein was a huge mistake” that destabilized the Mideast and led to endless disasters.
  • “Putin isn’t so bad.” An interviewer, aghast, said “But Putin has his opponents killed!” Trump shrugged. “We kill plenty of people, too.”

Unfortunately, the Donald is equally apt to sound like Mussolini…  My money is on a brokered Republican convention and a Ryan-Rubio ticket… Idea for a campagin button: “HILLARY! whether you like it or not.”