From a case report by Lisa Sanders, MD, in the November 19 New York Times Magazine:

“Acetaminophen is the most common cause of acute liver failure in the United States. Half of all patients with liver failure, and one-fifth of all patients who need a liver transplant, sustained their injury using this common over-the-counter medication.

“When acetaminophen passes through the liver, some of the drug is broken down into toxic chemicals. A healthy liver can dispose of these dangerous components. But the liver needs nutrients to do this, and because she was so sick, this woman wasn’t taking in much in the way of nutrients. In addition, because she was pregnant, she was sharing her nutrients with her fetus.”

Why don’t patients purchasing Tylenol have to sign an “Agreement” acknowledging its potential harmfulness?..  UCSF med students used to call their Pathology rotation at San Francisco General “Toadstools and Tylenol” because that’s what caused liver damage… Brilliant of J&J to couple its opiates with dangerous Tylenol to prevent abuse!  —FG