From Abe Gardner (who took the photo):  It was ‘yuge’ with 10,000 people staring into the sunset (a tempting metaphor no one has jumped on) as he announced his support of marijuana legalization, health care and housing as human rights, and ending the punishingly high cost of college education. He backed voting Democrat no matter who won the nomination. No fights or arrests. Lots of kids running around doing cartwheels and clapping with everyone. Ran into a half dozen Public Defenders, local journalists who live in Vallejo, Oakland and SF people who were impressed with Vallejo’s waterfront, and a lot of people so different from me demographically but with so much love for the same thing. Drove down with my coworker Michael Lernhart who had a great time too. Weather was beautiful to start but cool at the end making for a nice walk back to the car and home by 9:15. I’m not holding my breath for Hillary to come to Vallejo but I will hold my nose and vote for her if it comes down to it in November.

Retro Message: You may live long enough to see the Brooklynization of Vallejo. There are those beautiful old sea captains’ homes… Did Bernie make a distinction between his idea of legalization and the so-called legalization measure on the ballot in California?