Doesn’t this study in Neurology suggest that CBD —a potent anti-inflammatory— should be used prophylactically to ward off Alzheimer’s?

The authors (led by Keenan A. Walker of John Hopkins) looked for markers of inflammation  —fibrinogen, albumin, white blood cell count, von Willebrand factor, and Factor VIII—  in the blood of middle-aged people (average age 53) who had taken part in the Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities Study in the early 1990s.

Twenty four years later, 1,633 surviving participants took memory tests and had brain scans. Those with higher levels of inflammation in middle age did worse on the memory tests and showed more brain atrophy in areas associated with Alzheimer’s!

Five million US Americans are now afflicted with Alzheimer’s and the CDC expects that number to almost triple in the next three decades… The association between inflammation and Alzheimer’s had been established previously. The new study establishes that inflammation is a cause of Alzheimer’s

And doesn’t this study documenting the brain damage caused by chlorpyrifos suggest —no, demand— that organophosphate pesticides should be banned?

CBD Yes, Chlorphyrifos No!