• ‘A Nicely Done Documentary’ sent along by Bonni Goldstein, MD, in which a narrator from New Zealand reports on the availability of medical cannabis in California and Nevada. The tone is respectful and a bit envious —wouldn’t it be great to have a grow op like this in Auckland? They interview an articulate vet named Jerry Zuniga suffering from PTSD, who describes a series of injuries in Iraq and the ensuing PTSD and how cannabis saved his life. Of course Zuniga didn’t get asked if he thought his service was worth it. Nobody ever goes there —the damn cause!

The crew visits a dispensary in Modesto run by Jason David, father of Jayden, who has achieved seizure reduction through a CBD-dominant extract (“Jayden’s Juice”). Goldstein’s sensible, informative commentary is interspersed throughout. The website said we would meet a “Biotech Engineer, now a billionaire, from creating a child-friendly strain of medicinal marijuana known as Charlotte’s Web” —but I didn’t see anyone fitting that description.

• “VA Shuns Medical Marijuana, Leaving Vets to Improvise” from Steve Robinson, who comments, “Tiny bits of VA research taking off in San Diego, and South Carolina!”

• An op-ed in the NY Times reminds us how much progress the medical mj movement has led to (and how much more remains to be done on all fronts): New Jersey pauses pot prosecutions.

• In Counterpunch July 24: The Maternal Health Crisis in Haiti