Rosie found a station that’s playing MASH re-runs, so I got to play this one in the kitchen:

He wears granny glasses (not to be hip), bought him a paperback Tao Te Ching. A Specialist 4 on a Korean trip —Oh, Radar O’Reilly of thee I sing. If Hot Lips is snitching so no one can smoke, you are the one who must stop her. Trapper and Hawkeye can drink gin and joke knowing you canceled her chopper. Oh really O’Reilly old Radar my friend, you can hear wounded so distant and when a patient needs something from Seoul, your requisition’s persistent. You got no diploma you’re not very tall, we never see you ballin’ nurses. But who cuts the orders, who puts through the call? Payroll and mail —who disperses? Oh really O’Reilly old right by his side: “Colonel, here’s what we need sir.” O Henry is finding it hard to decide, you can’t just say “Here’s how to lead, sir.” You wear granny glasses you are very hip, the leader described in the Tao Te Ching. A Specialist Four on an earlier trip Oh Radar O’Reilly of thee I sing!