From David West, PhD 11/8/16 in response to our unkind obit.

She was in on the conversation re: my HI project as well and apparently gave a nod.

Is she to blame for Waco? That was such a twisted affair. Makes you ask, wtf?! She didn’t seem like the kind of person who would sanction incinerating people. Waco makes no sense to me. Was it wanton, or really an accident?

New day dawns tomorrow.

From Dr. West a while back:

During the core years of the project, I made websites as a means of reporting on the Project’s activities to the State of Hawaii. I tried to minimize the Project’s public exposure while it was in operation. I did not publicize these websites. Now I am making them available here.


Dr. West shares material you might find interesting from a POV you might appreciate at…  A new day indeed. —FG