• Evaluating the Effectiveness of Cannabis ‘Oil’

• “Dabs” Gaining Popularity by Jeffrey Hergenrather, MD

• UCSF Hosts “MMJ1300A” —A CME Course for Doctors

SCC Study of Crohn’s Patients: a template for clinical research?

The Care and Feeding of the Endocannabinoid System by John McPartland

• Mechoulam’s to-do List for Researchers: CBD, the CB2 Receptor, and FAAAs  (a report from the 2012 International Cannabinoid Research Society meeting)  by Fred Gardner

• Homo sapiens are “wired to run,” according to Gregory Gerdeman

• Sequencing the Genome of the Cannabis Plant by Mark Lewis

Cannabis Healed My Cancer by Michelle Aldrich

• Suppressed 1994 Federal Study Showed Anti-Cancer Effect of THC

• Project CBD Update

CBD Strains From Europe Grown Out in California


Medical Marijuana, Inc. Pitching CBD Products

CBD Shows Promise vs. Brain Cancer

Labs Declare War on Dirt

• Juicing Raw Cannabis by Martin A. Lee

• Sisley’s Study Stymied —Arizonans’ Anecdotes and Attitudes

• The Farmers Market Model by Paul Meyer, MD

• Dr. Malka Gives Grand Rounds in Monterey

PayPal Drops Us by Stacey Kerr

• Federal Invasion Takes Down Oaksterdam U.; Jose Gutierrez Victim of “Street Justice”

• California NORML Exposes Flaws of Drug Testing

• Harborside Resists Federal Eviction Move

• Last Call at the Vapor Room

• Good Physician Barred From Practicing Medicine by Joanne Benzor, MD

• The View From Logan’s Office by Lillian McNabb

• “Whatever Happened to Hemp?”

Retro Russian Relief

• Old Home Week at the NORML Conference (Hayden and Krassner)

• Constance Gee Describes Her Exile from Academia

• ‘Reefer Madness’ in Mexico Preceded US Prohibition (on Isaac Campos’s Home Grown).

• Paternoism

• Dispatches From the Emerald Triangle (on Growgirl and Too High to Fail) by Jaye Christiansen

How to Draft Fair Marijuana Regulations by Pebbles Trippet

• Three Goodbyes

Some Things About Monty

Alexander Cockburn, 1941-2012

The Working-Class Stranger (Carl Oglesby)

• Ed Sanders, Robert Louis Stevenson

• Correspondence and Commentary

Our Unique Research Opportunity by Jeffrey Hergenrather

How Flimsy Can a Study Get (IQ in Dunedin)?

Is there evidence linking cannabis to testicular cancer?

Pot Partisans Ponder Significance of Sequencing the Genome

Proposing a new Classification: ‘Cannabis Indoor’ by DJ Short

On the Term ‘Narcotic’… Add Hemp Advocates —Beatrix Potter

Franklin Nails ‘Decriminalization’

Generals Lee and Grant Agreed…

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