Public relations    publicity

Passed away      died

Human resources    personnel

fulfillment center     warehouse

administrative assistant      secretary 

social anxiety     shyness

replacement workers     scabs

sponsored content     advertisement

Advocate for      advocate

clinical depression      melancholy or loneliness or insecurity

Investment broker, venture capitalist, hedge-fund manager      financier

chief meteorologist (Bill Martin on Channel 2; Channel 4 has a senior meteorologist)    weatherman

Food insecurity     hunger

Environmental technician  

janitor or custodian or engineer

Free trade     trade

Reached out   called or contacted; more informatively, emailed or phoned.

Bruce Anderson nailed “strategic plan” in the AVA. Either strategy or plan will do.

Mission Statement is a pretentious twofer replacing Purpose or Goals. Plus the word mission has religious overtones. Missionary evokes  Spanish slavers in frocks and Bible-carrying Evangelicals making Central and South America safe for United Fruit and Chevron. Missionary, mercenary —two wings on the bird of prey.

Holistic Medicine  medicine

Four words for two:

public service power shutoff (PSPS)    power shutoff  (or just shutoff, since the context makes it obvious)

Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome    Shell shock