April 8, 2015  Dr. Hergenrather forwards “some biased stories coming out of Massachusetts,” with the observation: “As soon as I see a ‘drug abuse’ background in a naysayer, I dismiss his comments as biased and uneducated in the clinical realities of cannabis use.”

  • Massachusetts Department of Public Health
    Information about the Medical Marijuana Program in the Commonwealth
  • Drug Facts: Is Marijuana Medicine?
    Drug facts about marijuana including its use for medicinal purposes from the National Institutes of Health/National Institute on Drug Abuse
  • Additional Videos Featuring This Program’s Guests From the Massachusetts Medical Society’s Continuing Medical Education Program, Medical Marijuana: Regulations, Responsibilities and Communication, June 18, 2014
    • Medical Marijuana: An Evidence-Based Assessment of Efficacy and Harms
      Alan M. Ehrlich, M.D., Senior Deputy Editor, DynaMed, EBSCO Publishing; Assistant Professor of Family Medicine, University of Massachusetts Medical School Video Presentation of 39:15Slide Presentation (PDF, 26 pages)
    • Medical Marijuana in the Commonwealth: What a Physician Needs to Know 
      Kevin P. Hill, M.D., M.H.S., Director, Substance Abuse Consultation Service, Division of Alcohol and Drug Abuse, McLean Hospital; Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School, Video Presentation of 39:16Slide Presentation (PDF, 31 pages)

Not coincidentally, McLean Hospital is Big PhRMA’s most prestigious launching pad. 

 Addiction Specialists are the brain trust of prohibition. They (not the oncologists et al) set the line on marijuana for the biomedical establishment. Leading drug policy reform honchos ally with the Addiction Specialists in calling for “treatment not incarceration.” 

After being “Drug Czar” under Bill Clinton, 4-Star Gen. Barry McCaffrey went to work for Mitch Rosenthal, MD, owner of the Phoenix House chain of treatment centers. Just like when a top federal banking regulator goes to work for Goldman, Sachs, or someone retires from the Pentagon to the employ of an armaments manufacturer… It becomes obvious who they’ve been working for and who the government is serving. 

Tod Mikuriya, MD, published his letter of resignation to CSAM and ASAM in O’Shaughnessy’s Spring 2006THM to CSAM and ASAM