Joanne is a 40-something married woman who has epilepsy. She thinks she suffers “two or three” grand mal seizures a year, but suspects she has more that she’s not aware of. (She’s home alone during the day and sometimes when her husband travels for his work.)  She uses marijuana medicinally. A friend asked how it helps and this is her reply:

1. For after effects of Grand Mal seizure. When given some smoke after relaxing I am able to get up and eat, versus when I’m alone all I want to do is sleep and no food. Next day somewhat better able to move, very sore and no food for up to days.

2. Good for coughing up when fluid is in my lungs after seizure.

3. Great for sleeping. (After you have a seizure your heart races.)

4. Great for eating when you have no hunger.

5. Great for relaxing when I felt a little seizure has happened or if I have nausea or effects of pills.

6. No need for pain meds, even after mouth surgery.

7. Great for being in a better mood after a seizure.