Terence Hallinan —’America’s Most Progressive District Attorney’

By Fred Gardner

Terence “Kayo” Hallinan, the San Francisco District Attorney whose support was crucial to the medical marijuana movement, hired me to be his press secretary when he won a second term in 1999. After Kayo died in February, 2020, I began this long, disjointed memoir in weekly installments for the Anderson Valley Advertiser.  —Fred Gardner

  1. Being the Son of a Great Man Isn’t Easy
  2. The Hallinans in the ’40s
  3. McCarthyism, Marin, McNeil Island
  4. Bar Fights
  5. The Hip Lefty Lawyer
  6. The Presidio Mutiny
  7. Defending the Mutineers
  8. Kayo vs. the Army
  9. Ross Mirkarimi Remembers Kayo
  10. The Pro-Pot Politician
  11. Kayo and Kamala 
  12. Hallinan and Proposition 215
  13. Inside SFDA
  14. Office Politics, continued
  15. The Get Kayo Campaign
  16. Baseball Crimes
  17. The Case of the AIDS Deniers
  18. Kimberly’s Big Break
  19. Kimberly and Kamala, continued
  20. The Progressive Mantle
  21. Implementing Prop 215 in San Francisco
  22. Vincent Hallinan’s Overlooked Running Mate
  23. Kayo vs. DiFi
  24. A Farm in the City
  25. Liaison to the Pot Partisans
  26. The Trial of Ken Hayes and Mike Foley
  27. Supreme Hypocrisy
  28. Ferris Fain Comes up Again
  29. The Jailing of Monsignor O’Shea
  30. Parking Problems
  31. Coincidental Murders
  32. Hijacking Kayo’s Legacy
  33. Scams and the City
  34. Miscellaneous Murders
  35. The Ghetto Expert
  36. Case Studies
  37. The Singing Publicist